Crescent City Stories

In Crescent City Stories, Nicki Sabalu gives an outsider’s perspective (formed by encounters with New Orleans residents) on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Complete with four heart-warming stories about the never-ending rhythms of New Orleans, a boy separated from his family, the importance of sunflowers, and feelings of connectedness. Crescent City Stories will make you smile with hope for the future of New Orleans, rather than weep for its tragic past. I don’t know if its because of the playful writing, the simple drawings, the tiny quarter-page format, or the stories’ straightforwardness, but this zine reminded me of the children’s books my mom would read to me as a kid. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing; maybe the simplicity of this viewpoint it’s just what everyone needs to make sense of such complicated and painful event.

Favorite quote: “It’s important to remember that rebuilding is about more than concrete foundations, and it made perfect sense when a city planner said, ‘Cities are more than the sum of their buildings,’ What is New Orleans without the residents who make it a place worth living?”

-Mila Monroe

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