Ker-bloom! #79

After reading Ker-bloom! #87, I wanted to read more from this author, known simply as “Artnoose,” who is quite well-known and respected in the zine world.  Ker-bloom! has been published for about fifteen years!  I found out that she writes what are called “perzines,” which is a combination of “personal” and “zine,” describing the type of diary entry style that she uses to convey the subtle messages and commentaries on our society’s norms and expectations.  She always prints her zines from hand-set type, and I am once again amazed at the time and effort this endeavor must require.  This issue, titled “sweet right hook,” was equally as entertaining, easy to read, and humorous as the other one.  This time, the author relates the stories of the two times she has punched somebody and then at the end, encourages her readers to stand up for themselves.  The way she writes, however, does not sound preachy, condescending, or try to be too annoyingly empowering.  Instead, the story of her childhood self giving a bully a bloody nose and the story of her older self getting revenge at a Nirvana concert for somebody who pinches her butt repeatedly make me root for her and cheer when the attackers get their just desserts.  I really enjoy reading this zine, and I hope that we will be acquiring more issues in the near future!

Sentaniz Palmer

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