Treasures of Sky Mall

I actually thought this was a satirical take on the well known Sky Mall magazine (the catalog of useless things they give you to read and hopefully purchase on planes). But no, the items listed in Treasures of Sky Mall, by Gemma Correll were not invented in order to get a chuckle or two; they actually exist. I even went on the Sky Mall website to check.  And some of the items listed in this zine are so ridiculous and far-fetched that I cannot believe they would even make it into Sky Mall, which is saying a lot.  Why would you ever need to potty train your cat??!  The author and illustrator of this zine points out the absurdity of these items in a sarcastic way, slightly inflating the already ludicrous prices to demonstrate that nobody in their right mind should ever even entertain the thought of purchasing any of these items.  Ever. A few of them are not as crazy as the others, such as the “Part Robe and Part Blanket,” which we all know was quite the craze for a few months (snuggie), but who actually needs a blanket with arms anyway?  There is also the “You don’t have to hide this” litter box, which is a litter box with a covering that holds a plant so nobody will know it’s a litter box when they see your cat climbing out of it.  That’s clearly something every cat owner needs, because nobody is supposed to know that your cat has a litter box.  Besides the obvious fact that that particular item has no point, I would never want to subject that poor plant to having to live in a litter box.  I don’t want to give away any more of the lovely gems featured in this zine.  You will have to read it yourself to discover them.  This zine was hilarious and slightly horrifying and I would definitely look forward to reading more from this witty author.  The cute and funny pictures didn’t hurt either!  They were simple but good, and in this zine a picture really is worth a thousand words.

-Sentaniz Palmer

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