Zine by Lacey Prpic Hedtke

This zine, which provides a list of etiquette guidelines that aren’t outdated and snobby like the ones in traditional etiquette books, seems to have been written partially as a joke, yet many of the etiquette suggestions are very valid for today’s world.  People are often pretty rude in general, and I wish everybody would read this so they would know that if you borrow somebody’s shirt, you should wash it before returning it to them!  I believe things like that are common courtesy, but I think the author of this zine would agree, courtesy is not so common these days, and therefore a zine like this is actually pretty useful, as well as being hilarious.  As I said, this etiquette guide is very untraditional and modern, which is demonstrated by the fact that there is a section for drug deals, sex, concerts, and stealing.  There is also an etiquette section for weddings, which apparently is a pretty big deal in “real” etiquette books.  This zine provides ways for feminists, vegetarians, criminals, and people with different sorts of alternative lifestyles to be polite as well, and I imagine if I read other etiquette books I would find this to be a refreshing change.  There are obscure tips also, including descriptions of what to do when you are the guest at somebody’s cabin.  Obviously this section was included because the author thought some people had bad etiquette when they stayed at her cabin, and I found the unusual sections like this to be the funniest.  I especially liked how the author included very hilarious personal anecdotes thrown in with the bullet point suggestions.  The whole thing was written in a slightly sarcastic tone, and the personal (but at times not so subtle) jabs at people who have been rude to the author created a “personalized” aspect that made the zine funnier and easy to read.

Sentaniz Palmer

2 thoughts on “Etiquette

  1. Ah! I was just reading through this blog thinking, what a great blog, I love this website, this is just great, and there is a review of my Etiquette zine! I’m glad you enjoyed it and that the rudeness I have endured is being turned into a learning and hilarious experience for all. 🙂

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