Hallowing of a House: a poem

Review by Sentaniz Palmer:
I LOVE THIS.  This zine, written by Katie Haegele short and sweet, is composed of a poem in which the author names everyday, common things in her house to be blessed.  I know a lot of people might find this poem too simple, but I feel like this poem was a beautiful, sometimes bittersweet snapshot into her life- her hopes, dreams, wishes, secrets, memories.  I know this is the kind of thing you either love or you hate, but I admired the simple beauty of this small zine.  There were almost no pictures, decorations, or embellishments; and the font looks like this came out of a typewriter from the early 1900s.  Despite this lack of ornamentation, or maybe because of it, I thought the zine was rich in detail and imagery.  Reading this, I felt like I was taking a tour through a quaint, homey farm house.  It was nostalgic at times, exciting at times, with a tinge of happiness and a tinge of sadness.  It was cute, not in the way that something unimportant and one-dimensional is cute, but more in the way that I am envious of the author’s life.  I thought this was a beautiful idea and would definitely reread this again and again!

-Sentaniz Palmer

Review by Mimi Davis:
I found this zine to be an endearing and charming piece of literature with a sound argument for appreciation of life’s simple joys. The zine consists of one poem in which the writer asks blessings on a myriad of objects in her home. While at first glance this zine may seem to be simply a list of belongings, (and one cat) when you  look closer you realize that for each object there is a memory, an association of some kind which illustrates some portion of the author’s life. Thus, this zine reminds us never to take for granted any of life’s simplicities, but rather to celebrate and embrace them.

-Mimi Davis

Review by Tori MacManus:
This is a cute little poem/prayer that “blesses” all the little things in the author’s house that make it her home, from the “stacks of Vogue” to the “bed I made for my cat out of a basket and an old scrap of quilt that she never sleeps in.” Most of the things she chooses to bless are completely random, which makes this poem that much better! It made me remember all the things that I miss about my own home because many of the things she listed can also be found in my house.

This author also has a website listed in the back, on which she states that she would be willing to teach a zine workshop at any school or library that contacts her. www.thelalatheory.com

-Tori MacManus

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