Womanimalistic #1

This zine from accomplished artist Caroline Paquita is an eclectic mix of entries that feature funny, quirky, and original drawings with a punk rock aesthetic.  At times hilarious, yet truthful, she covers a wide array of topics from love to health, medicine and herbs, to music and bees.  This zine is a surprising collection of topics and types of entries that somehow comes together to make a cohesive unit.  It seems to me that the author just decided to make a zine about all the things she liked and just included whatever she felt like including, which very well may be the case. BUT it works, and in any case, what is a zine for anyways, if not to reflect the author’s personality and ideas and to serve as a creative outlet?  So if she just decided to include things that interest her, I guess we must like similar things because I found this zine entertaining and fun!

The design and style of this zine also made it very easy to read.  Most of the sections are comic book style, and are printed in blue and occasionally orange ink.  The illustrations in this zine were unique and eye-catching, and the zine overall was well-decorated.  There was a lot of attention to detail and a lot of embellishment in the borders, page backgrounds, etc.  Some of the pages are so intricate and detailed that I have to spend almost as much time looking at the pictures and decorations as I do reading the words on that page.  Many of the drawings are humorous, but some might make certain audiences slightly uncomfortable, and are certainly not meant for the eyes of children.  Upon looking at Paquita’s website and info, I found out that she has a very well- established web presence.  It seems that she has a lot to say and has also had a lot of experience in the zine and art worlds.  This experience is evident in the production of this zine, which has no obvious flaws or shortcomings in content or delivery, and I would look forward to reading more issues of this in the future (this is the first issue to be published).

Sentaniz Palmer

Review by Lizzie Lanyard
Written and compiled by Caroline Paquita, Womanimalistic is a work that I recommend. It is a peek into the life of a bee-keeping, Brooklyn-dwelling lady. She imparts her faith in and advice about the healing powers of water, sleep, and vegetables in a series of helpful hints. This zine also includes vignettes on other topics, such as the nature of love and vajazzling, which is the “eccentric art of applying gorgeous, colorful rhinestone’s to one’s lady parts”. Paquita frames each piece in illustrations that tease the line between prose and art, with the two commenting and expanding on one another. The tone is generally both engaging and light, making this a pretty good read.

Review by Tori MacManus
This one was really interesting. It had several different articles that were very entertaining. My personal favorite was the craigslist ad. Womanimalistic addresses a wide variety of subjects, like the authors pet peeves, everyday issues of the over-stressed, bee-keeping, health, and health myths.

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