Doris #15: The Anti-Depression Guide

I literally laughed out loud many times while reading this. I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect from a zine that said “antidepression guide” on the cover, but this was a very comical and at times even thought-provoking read.  The author seamlessly integrates personal anecdotes and life stories with random tips and suggestions for a variety of things.  At first glance, it seems like something that touched upon the topic of depression would not be funny, but the way the author writes and the snide little sarcastic comments she throws in every so often are quite hilarious.  Also, the random tips and tricks provide comic relief as well.  For example, there is the guide to curing UTIs, which I guess could contribute to someone being depressed if they had one.  If found this tongue-in-cheek guide to be entertaining while at the same time dealing with real important issues.  This combination of serious topics with light hearted ideas works perfectly for this zine in my opinion.

The zine is constructed of mostly comic book style stories with some lists and pages with paragraphs of writing.  The drawings are an integral part of this zine, and the pictures, although simple, are cute and hilarious.  I once again want to bring up the fact that I was laughing during a great amount of the time I was reading this zine.  I enjoyed this zine because since the author is able to use humor she is also able to quite seriously try to find solutions to boredom, depression, and ordinary daily dreariness that might sometimes occur.  The author is, of course, not trying to make light of actual clinical depression, but instead sincerely want to provide her readers with alternative methods to curing their depression, however serious or fleeting it may be.  She also makes fun of herself, which can often be a good way to get a few laughs, and also takes some jabs at the modern world and society (technology, capitalism, betrayal and disloyal friends).  My favorite part of this zine however, would have to be the fact that the author recognizes and writes about the importance of taking each day as it comes and enjoying the simple pleasures in life, like looking around and enjoying your surroundings, walking, thinking, etc; and in the process of all her joking, she actually does provide some good ideas to brighten your day.

Sentaniz Palmer

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