Sobstory? #8

Sobstory? Issue No.  8 starts when author Andrew M. Scott realizes mid plane-flight that he has noidea what he is going to do when he arrives at his designated location to solve one of his many mid-life crises. Thus begins Scott’s journey to London and Paris in order to “fix the creative slump” he is having; his solution being a little bit of “solitary suffering and character building.” While some may expect Scott to have a life-changing revelation, instead his realization is…that he just needed to be removed from his usual surroundings to clear his head. However, in the end he finds just enough inspiration to write a zine, which includes such experiences as having a pleasant encounter with a stranger, attending a music performance that reminds him of a “cathartic Cajun demon exorcism, and his own realization that Europe is the land of the indigenous white people.

After this scrap-book like story ends, Scott adds three more asides, or what he calls “bonus delusions and rants.” One critiques the well-off middle-class of America, another includes a rather negative tone about the “cycles” of life, and the third ends the zine with a slightly more positive comment on the fleeting moments of camaraderie.

I really liked the fact that this zine was like a small diary of Scott’s. The actual pictures and funny drawings made you feel the excitement of traveling, as if you were about to hop on the train with him to get to speed off to the next city. However, the last three “rants” really showed what he could do with his writing, and I think it would have been interesting if he showed this complexity throughout the whole zine. Regardless, this zine made me want to read more of Scott’s work.

Favorite quote: “That’s it…the end…it doesn’t have to make sense, it’s a zine.”

-Mila Monroe

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