Raise Some Hell: A Feminist Child Rearing Zine for Everyone

This multi-media zine (full of poems, images, articles, stories, and songs), made by the CRAP! Collective (Child Rearing Against Patriarchy) confronts the issues and hardships of feminist mothers as well as offers suggestions of how to raise your children in a feminist world. Although I did not know this before, tensions exist between feminists without children and feminist mothers. This zine tries to unite the two groups of women saying that feminists can be mothers, and mothers can be feminists. It also asks the radical world to respect women of all types, for their choices on abortion or having a baby. This zine also included important facts about children’s television. Many of the characters on the television are male, and when females do have leads they are portrayed simply as kind, caring, passive, spoilt, and immature.

The parts of this zine that I find to be the most interesting, however, are CRAP! Collective’s views on raising children. They discussed a view I believe to be very important, which is to raise children in awareness of the social issues that are present in our society today; issues that we fight for in order to better our own future and the very future of these children. Rather than raising children in ignorance to try and protect them, we should raise them to understand these issues and understand that we have a right to fight for what we believe them. All of this encourages children to think, question and learn.

-Mila Monroe

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