Adventures In Menstruating Issue #5 Review

I had the pleasure of reading the zine, “Adventures in Menstruating” and I must admit I found that this zine was very entertaining and informative. “Adventures in Menstruating,” allowed me to look at my menstrual cycle in a whole new way. The menstrual cycle is not something to be ashamed contrary to what popular media believes. Menstrual cycles should be embraced, because they are a part of what makes us women. I was able to learn more about how media and advertisements portray the menstrual cycle as something negative that should be hidden and rarely spoke about. Consequently, the media causes women to feel embarrassed about something that is just a natural part of their being. Michelle Tea’s tampon tale was also very interesting and I enjoyed it, Michelle visited the Newcomb College Institute in 2009 and was the Zale writer-in-residence.

I loved the illustrations, especially the front cover which featured Kitten von Mew in a vibrant red dress. The interview with Kitten von Mew was also very informative because she talked about her battles with accepting her menstrual cycle and how she learned to embrace it. The section about product testing which featured Activia yogurt was also very interesting it really made you question the effectiveness of the product versus the people the product is marketed towards. I really enjoyed this zine and I look forward to reading more like it.

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