A Mama Zine

After reading the zine MamaPhiles I can truly say that I have a new perspective on motherhood. The stories in this zine were entertaining, funny, and some were very emotional. One of the stories in MamaPhiles that I loved was Wrong by Bee Lavender. Her story was very compelling, and heartfelt. I loved her determination and perseverance. She was completely selfless, and her main concern was giving birth to her baby. She defied odds, and did what doctors said that she would never be able to do she gave birth to a healthy baby girl.  Her birthing story was very inspirational and what I took away from this story was that with a love and determination a mother can do anything. Mamaphiles has also educated me on the aspects of natural and at home childbirth. The women in MamaPhiles who opted out of traditional hospital birth, showed a lot of courage and persevered even when the birthing process got tough. I really loved this zine and I look forward to reading more Mamaphiles zines.

-Violet Rose

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