Dimanche Number 5

Dimanche is “food/personal zine all about cooking and eating and raising a kid and being awesome and having fun” (says Dimanche’s etsy page).  The zine is composed of recipes, lists, pictures, and personal anecdotes.  It features a collage type of layout with pictures and drawings over patterns, photos, and other graphics.  I like how this zine looks; it is easy to read while being fun and unique without the too-busy look that some zines have.  The author also has a funny sense of humor, and adds personal touches with handwritten portions and stories of her son and grandmother.  I especially like the style of handwritten juxtaposed with printed text.  This issue of Dimanche was dedicated to food, but at the beginning, the author admits “I just write about stuff I like…what else matters but that?”  I have to agree with that statement, and there are some random stories here that are unrelated to food, such as one about a toothache or her son’s birthday party, but they just add to the appeal.  This issue includes “12 recipes–7 main dishes and 5 sweets–all of which are vegetarian, and only one is not veganizable (as far as I can tell)”.  Some of the memorable recipes include coconut curry cous cous, brownies, spinach bread, lasagna, chili, potato and edamame salad, apple crisp, and mac and cheese.  The author is a vegetarian, so most of the recipes do not use meat, and some of them do not appeal to me, but as a fellow food-lover, I thoroughly enjoyed this amusing, lighthearted, and interesting zine.  This zine has a special connection to the Nadine Vorhoff Library, because of our extensive culinary collection.  We have over 2,000 cookbooks – new, old, New Orleans-themed, practically everything you can imagine!  So if reading about the author of Dimanche’s love for flipping through vintage cookbooks at her local used book store inspires you to do the same, just come over to the Vorhoff!        http://tulane.edu/newcomb/vorhoff-collections.cfm

-Sentaniz Palmer

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