A Gentrification Reader

A Gentrification Reader combines pieces from a number of other zines on the subject of gentrification.  The primary focus of the zine is the demolition of the St. Thomas projects and the gentrification of the lower garden district which necessitated it.  While these specific events took place years ago, the problem of gentrification is still present and prevalent.

Attempts like this one, to address the problem of gentrification from the young, white, and concerned perspective often lack certain self-awareness.  Although the bulk of the zine’s components describe the issue’s processes and problems from a strictly observational viewpoint, this zine tries to avoid the pitfalls of uncriticized privilege by recognizing the kind of community organizing that caters toward formally educated white people and questioning why it must be so.  One of the pieces addresses the issue of squatting, which has its various and contradictory effect on no city more than New Orleans, the Winter Mecca for the mobile homeless.

Visually, some of the handwritten parts are difficult, but overall it is a remarkably legible zine.  While them specific information it contains may be outdated, the philosophical and conceptual aspects remain troublingly relevant.

One thought on “A Gentrification Reader

  1. I agree, the discussion surrounding gentrification is relevant as it has acquired worldwide presence. It’s all over the place – in the US, Brazil, Belgium.. – proposing to change urban landscape for “citizen-consumers”. I’d like to read this zine.
    Plus, nice graphics! 🙂

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