Chainbreaker number 5

I picked up “Chainbreaker number 5” thinking it would be about bicycles.  Nope!  The author apparently wrote another zine about bikes, but this one is about how an inordinate number of her friends died in rapid succession.  And her dog, for good measure.  It’s well-written and well-constructed in addition to being relentlessly sad.  It’s the kind of zine that makes you feel like you’ve stumbled upon something very personal that was never meant for the public.  Unlike many over-sharing zines, however, there are pieces of this zine that still stick with me, even a few weeks after reading it, that make me want to hold my loved ones tighter.  Second-hand grief only works when it is raw and accessible enough to make the reader feel more like a confidant than an intruder.  Chainbreaker does this, and it does it well.  Expect to cry.

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