Love Always, Greta

“Love Always, Greta” is a compilation of several letters among the author, her grandmother, and her grandmother’s friends, written as famous actresses from the 1930’s and 40’s. I love how the letters were photocopied into the zine, as opposed to being typed to better fit the pages. Several of the letters were written on postcards, so the reader also gets the copyright info from the picture on the reverse. One of the letters even included the “official lipstick print and autograph of Miss Bankhead and M&M’s, her favorite candy,” although the M&M’s were not included in the zine, sadly. Interspersed with the letters are pictures of the actresses that each person is writing as or to. This was very helpful for someone like me who remembers faces a lot better than she remembers names. I really liked this zine and would be willing to read any more published by this author.

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