My Feminist Friends


“My Feminist Friends” contains the transcripts of  interviews between the author, Kate, and several of her feminist friends. She asks them questions about  when they became feminists, how this decision, or in some cases realization, has affected their daily lives, and what research they are doing in their particular field. I was struck most by one woman’s research into a medication that would increase a woman’s sex drive. She admits that this was probably her least feminist research, believing that the issue was more psychosocial than physical. In her words, the women who think they need this drug really just need “a babysitter, a more attentive partner, a glass of wine, and a vibrator.”


“My Feminist Friends” is the kind of zine you can tell was put together in a hurry.  The cover image is kind of campy and the text contains numerous corrections.   But wait, there’s more!  Don’t let this little zine’s cosmetic issues deter you.  It’s actually a very entertaining and informative read.  The premise is simple enough.  The author, Kate, interviews her feminist friends about their feminism, how they found it, and what they’re doing with it.  It’s always nice to be reminded that feminists come in many different varieties.   As Kate’s feminist friend Dawn concludes a particularly memorable monologue about the women in her life, “they are everything all at once, and there is no simple set of rules defining who they are or how they live.  I think we need to see that reflected back at us, so we know we aren’t alone.”  I think so too.

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