Travesty #2: More Musings on Being a Transvestite Metalhead

This zine was a short but insightful look into the mind of this transvestite metalhead. He talks about his observations at shows and other events, his questions about his identity, and his struggle with role models and being shy and relationships. In fourteen small pages, with a layout heavy on text and light on graphics, there is enough space to discuss all of these issues and still leave the reader contemplating them. This zine is based out of Australia, which led me to wonder how different (or similar) the author’s experience would be if he lived in the United States. The zine is divided into thoughtful sections that organize the topics under catchy or clever titles, such as IT’S NOT YOU, IT’S YOUR FACE. The middle two pages are not part of the essays, but feature a drawing that looks like a Cinco de Mayo skull with text that reads, “when transvestites die laughing, they stay brutal!” Whatever that means. There are many issues in this zine that are very controversial and will leave a reader thinking and questioning. For example, the author struggles with activism and the fact that he is a transvestite but not transgender. A quote that really stuck in my mind that speaks to this topic and our ideas of gender was “and in those moments I’m reminded of the superficial elements of my feminine identity – I can, literally, hang it up in my closet and walk out without a fear in the world.”

-Sentaniz Palmer

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