The Monkey in the Basement and Other Delusions

This is a very cute comic-style zine. It starts with a story about the author seeing the tail of an animal in her basement, and believing it to be a monkey. She starts coming up with all these ideas on what she’s going to do with it once she convinces it that she’s a friend. She even tries to get the cats to go tell the monkey that she and her roommates are nice people. To avoid ruining the ending, I’ll talk about the other two stories in the zine. The second story, called “I Don’t Belong Here” is about how she honestly believed when she was younger that most of her memories were from past lives, based on the fact that one day, she saw a stairway on the side of a building that leads nowhere, and her mother told her that building had been closed for years. This story serves as a great example of a child coming to terms with certain harsh realities; the author even makes the comparison to Santa. In the third story, the author is convinced by a dream that she can fly. After several experiments, she decides that she can only fly given the proper circumstances, usually requiring the presence of a threatening gorilla with a faulty radio.

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