Mrs. Noggle #21

This zine caught my eye because of the unusual title. It is written by a 32 year-old woman named Jolie, who writes, does art, performs spoken word, and works in factory. She is married to Jamie Noggle – hence the name of the zine. She has been making zines for 15 years, which I think is very impressive, but this is the first zine that has made it past issue number 20. This zine is a look into the daily life and thoughts of Jolie, and includes poems, journal entries from her blogs, and retro pictures of 50s-style housewives. The downside to this zine is that the author’s writing style can be somewhat distracting or hard to follow at times. She is not a fan of capitalization, uses punctuation creatively, and likes to write with a stream of consciousness that is not always divided into paragraphs. There are lots of words on the page. If you don’t mind these things, this is a quick and entertaining read. I enjoy zines like this because I like reading short, personal glimpses into other people’s lives, thoughts, and musings. Mrs. Noggle’s entries run the gamut from ranting about drama at work to divulging her fears and insecurities to admitting that she does not want to have a baby. All in all, I would recommend this zine because it is a surprise on every page.

-Sentaniz Palmer

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