This short zine, illustrated in shades of blue and gray, is told almost entirely in pictures. This is a comic-style (well, actually more like a children’s picture book) zine only has two lines of dialogue: “Oh, man. I am SO lost.” These words, depicted next to a picture of a scruffy man who is adrift in a raft in the ocean, are the opening lines of the zine. From then on, the man, who is hoping to be saved, is attacked by a shark, losing part of his raft in the battle. He fights the shark back, and the shark is then consumed by a giant squid. It is implied that (in the mind of the shark) the man is the reason for the shark’s death. Once the shark is overtaken, the squid then attempts to eat the scruffy, lost man. The squid doesn’t get far, though; he is beaten up by the man. While the man doesn’t get far in defending himself against the squid, a killer whale comes along and defeats the squid. Like the shark, the squid thinks that the man is the reason for his demise. Finally, the killer whale faces the man, and tries to help him get to safety. Ironically, the killer whale is the nicest animal, but the man thinks that his death is surely imminent. In an attempt to save his life, the man punches the whale in the snout, and the whale (poor whale!) swims off to cry alone. Finally, the man spies a boat and is rescued by a group of men. Telling the men on the boat of his trials, the man soon realizes that his saviors are whale poachers. Feeling badly about the whale, he leads the men in the opposite direction of the animal, and hops off the boat. The whale finds him, and the man and whale swim off into the sunset; happy. I like this zine. And while it took a few read-throughs to really get the narrative (it’s hard, since there are no words, and the pictures aren’t really descriptive enough to make a clear sense of story), it was enjoyable. The illustrations are superb, and it was a fun story to get into.

–Theodore Grahams

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