Sometimes the Spoon Runs Away with Another Spoon (Coloring Book)

When I have kids, I am definitely finding them a copy of this coloring book! Each picture comes with a caption that messes with gender stereotypes, as if the pictures don’t do enough. My personal favorite is the picture of the little boy dressed as Wonder Woman with the caption “Not every little boy wants to be Superman when he grows up.” Or the wedding cake with two brides and the caption “Marriage is so gay.” I was so hard to not pull out my colored pencils, but I wanted to save that experience for someone who actually checked this out of the library.

After all the coloring pictures, there is a little gender quiz/survey with questions such as: “What is gender?” “How many genders are there?” “In what ways do you feel confined or restricted by your assigned gender?” “Was the gender assigned to you the one you feel most excited about?” “What are you ideas for gender liberation?” I guess this is sort of the “adult part” for after you’ve finished coloring. These questions definitely make you think, though, especially after coloring.

Tori McManus

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