Daddy Lightning

Daddy Lightning by Tom Hart was an excellent, heartfelt and comical zine. It showed the struggles of a single father who was trying to raise his daughter as best he could. It was very well put together. The cover of the zine is bright orange so it grabs your attention immediately. The father is holding his baby up in the air, and they are bolts of lightning on each side of him, which I thought was really cool. The zine was formatted in a comic book style and was drawn beautifully. It was very funny, I caught myself laughing a lot, every time the father would want to use the bathroom and the baby would start crying because she had pooped in her diaper. One scene from this zine that I really liked was when he entered into a swaddling competition with a group of mothers, and he came in second place and got the nickname “Daddy Lightning.” This zine was also very heartfelt because it was dedicated to his daughter who passed away when she was two years old of unknown causes. I really enjoyed this zine and look forward to reading more zines by Tom Hart.

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