Learning Good Consent

This zine is a collection of short essays and articles on consent and the culture surrounding it. On the first page, it presents a list of consent-related questions to ask yourself: How do you define consent? Is it possible that others define it differently? If it’s achieved once, can it automatically be assumed thereafter?, and others. There are then a series of tips about giving and getting consent, as well as personal stories describing the authors’ growing relationship with it. The essays are accompanied by cut-and-paste graphics and hand drawn doodles, all in black and white. My favorite part of this zine is the Personal Bill of Rights, printed on the last page. It lists the many rights that we as individuals all have, from having our limits respected to changing our goals to refusing sex.

Overall I found this zine to be very educational. Given the severity of the topic, I was pleased at how the information was presented in such an accessible and fun way. I would encourage anyone interested in learning more about consent culture and sex positivity to read this zine.

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