On Sunday, June 26th, the Nadine Vorhoff Library will host a Zine reading featuring the author of I Dreamed I was Assertive at 6:30 in the Caroline Richardson building at Tulane University in conjunction with the ALA Conference.

I Dreamed I Was Assertive #12

I Dreamed I Was Assertive, another perzine, is a very intimate glance into the life of Celia Perez, a librarian and mother who writes about her daily thoughts, struggles, and observations.  This zine centers on the events of her son and husband going out of town to visit relatives.  Perez includes “daybooks” in this issue, which are entries for the days that her family is out of town in which she chronicles what she did, ate, read, and thought that day.  She relates the fact that after she drops her son and hubby off at the airport she has tears in her eyes because she has never been away from her son for that long.  She also begins to feel alone and seems to kind of be lost about what to do.  She starts thinking a lot about her life and the people in it.  As you can see, this zine is very personal and is somewhat like a journal or diary.  The “daybook” entries also provide a “day in the life” which I find interesting.  I think one of the main things that make this zine different from others I’ve read and reviewed is the fact that the author has a son and writes about her son, husband, and family often in her zines.  She also publishes another mini-zine about her son called Roots and Wings.

In this zine, Perez writes about her son, food, books, her family, friends, and memories.  She includes various lists of what she fixed for dinner, books she wants to read, things she wants to do, and things she saw throughout her day.  I liked the juxtaposition of everyday, common lists or descriptions that appear almost random at times next to the personal musings and details, such as family details, that are very private topics. This zine is entirely hand-written, which adds to the personal feel, with a few drawings or clippings pasted throughout.  I liked the simple, easy-to-read, yet interesting design and layout of this zine.  There are lots of lists along with journal-type entries, and after reading this zine, you really have a sense that you know Perez personally and can relate to her.  I also especially felt like I could relate to her because she lives in Chicago and mentions places and events in Chicago in her zine. I’m from Chicago and will talk about it any chance I get, so I thought it was cool to read about her descriptions of neighborhoods I go to or events I have attended.  Perez also mentioned something in this issue that I found very touching.  She wrote about documenting her son’s life, even the minute details, and I don’t know if she was specifically talking about this zine, but perhaps it is one of the ways that she does that, and I do think that is a nice thing to do for her son and a meaningful thing that he will appreciate later on in life.  It demonstrates the importance of zines as a creative outlet and record of a certain time in the author’s life that I found to be very poignant and made me appreciate this zine more.

-Sentaniz Palmer

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