Bitter Ink


Bitter Ink is a bitterly comical zine with biting sarcasm and sharp wit from Detroit cousins Brian Zeigler and Raymond “Moose” Jackson. The zine features black and white doodles with accompanying commentary and aphorisms-some silly, some outrageous, and some just straight up funny (“stay ignorant, my boy: stay free”; “Oh no, they don’t got no Robitussin no more!”; “The worst thing about not having feet is no suede shoes”). The first Bitter Ink “No. 1” gives a glimpse into American subculture and encapsulates a slice of the avant garde meets daily life. This zine is brought to you by Press Street publications, a New Orleans based 501c3 literary and visual arts collective community that contributes to gallery space Antenna, arts education, and the Room 220 blog dedicated to New Orleans literature. So check this zine out for an entertaining and unique representation of local literary life, showcasing the intimate relationship between visual and literary art.