The Nez Perce

nezperce0001The Nez Perce Indians explores the history of the Nimiipuu (“the real people”). This zine brings you past the cigar store caricatures to the Nez Perce Indians’ real human experience, drawing the reader in with 48 illustrated pages by J. Gerlach and illustrator Kate Van Cleve depicting the Nez Perces’ native culture and rebellious movement for autonomous freedom, and the ensuing betrayal, fights for land rights, bravery, and violence. The Nez Perce occupied land what is today Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. Learn more about the ramifications of the Manifest Destiny in the 8th installment of the Simple History Series (earlier and later installments cover everything from the Spanish-American War to Hawaii Statehood to Modern Iran). With its narrative prose and intricate illustrations, this zine brings you through the story of an often overlooked tribe set in the beautiful mountain range country of North America.